Fall 2020 Acting Training Program

Bite-sized sessions. Break-out room challenges. Focused and Fun!

We had a blast this summer! Our Acting Training is alive with bite-sized sessions from incredible presenters with fun, break-out room challenges. LATTE’s Workshop mini-intensive approach flourished. Teens connected, created, laughed, and thrived… and learned from the socio-emotional aspects of the Pfluger Movement Empathy Method. They were active and empowered off the stage – something so needed in this time of isolation. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

We have created the Fall Program around family and student needs. It is crafted with YOU in mind. We will meet twice weekly for short, acting training sessions. This is based on the best traditions of LATTE, with interactive, break-out rooms.

To fuel your creativity, some “Star Burst” projects are already on the website. Stage Combat “Pass the Punch”, Car Talk Chronicles – Play Writing and performance, Expresso Yourself, Improv Bag, Scene Studies, Song Writing, and More!

Fall Program Meetings are 6:00pm-7:00pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays through November 25th.

Want to be part of LATTE’s upcoming production? While we are staying virtual right now, we still have our eye on the goal… to perform Little Women next summer/when it is safe. Our returning teens have led the charge and been part of this planning process. At their request, I have written a new stage version of the book, honoring the original work, yet touching on relevant social themes and adapted for a new generation! The Little Women Production program will span through the fall 2020 and spring/summer 2021 calendar. For the fall session, meetings are 7:00pm-8:00pm Wednesdays (immediately following the Fall Program meeting.)

The Little Women Production is a separate and distinct endeavor running parallel to the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 programs. Little Women Production members are encouraged to join their LATTE friends having a great time by registering for the LATTE Fall and Spring Program activities!

Tuition: Keeping tuition as low as possible and the programs accessible to all continues to be a primary focus.

Were you part of the Summer Program?

  • Congratulations! Your Little Women Production Tuition was paid with that enrollment.
  • Be sure to join us for the Fall Program activities too. Tuition is $100.

Need to sign up for the Little Women Production now?

  • Hooray! The tuition is $150 and includes access to the Fall Program at no additional charge.

Just joining us for the Fall Program?

  • Looking forward to a great time! Tuition is $100.

Please sign up at https://www.lattetheater.com/register/ and call me at 708-655-0989 to connect. The teens are still receiving individual mentoring!

We can’t wait to see you! The fun starts NOW!

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Adherence to the Actor’s Code is an integral part of LATTE. including no cell phone usage during our virtual rehearsals. Roles may need to be shifted if attendance becomes a consistent issue .