Felicia Pfluger

LATTE Founder, Producer, Artistic Director

Presenting: Physicality, Stage Chemistry, Character, and Relationship Development, Personalizing a Well Known Role, and Monologue Timing, Audition Tricks

A Chicago playwright, Felicia has also acted, directed and produced theater for over 25 years. Felicia counts herself blessed to have founded, developed and shaped LATTE since 2009 to bring socio-emotional growth and collaborative leadership development to the forefront on and off stage.

Felicia’s Pfluger Empathy Movement Method” develops actresses and actors holistically utilizing socio-emotional facets, physiological awareness and empathy-building while protecting the psyche. With a varied background in theater, dance, song, writing, script and ghostwriting, Felicia enjoys empowering teens in LATTE to challenge themselves through full length, professional counseling and education, stage works and personal and professional development – all while having a lot of fun in the process!

She has written numerous stage works including: Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, Much Ado About Nothing, and Little Women. Her original works include The Porch Light and Dearest Soldier, Love in War.