Maureen Muldoon

Presenting: Improv Comedy

Maureen is an actress, storyteller, author, playwright and coach. She is the creative director of Voice Box Stories. With her vast background in acting she has had the pleasure of creating and crafting characters and stories for stage, TV and film. Maureen has been killed on Dexter, Arrested on CSI, and propositioned on NYPD Blue… to name a few of her credits. She delivers sermons, speeches and workshops on the miraculous power of your stories. Using story to inspire and awaken vision, identity and leadership in her audience and clients.

Her stories have been featured in Story Lab, Lit Up, Voice Box, Booby Trap, The Sun, Story Lab, Do Not Submit and Actors Access.

She coaches the budding newbie to the recognized name through one-on-one coaching and group workshops. Helping entrepreneurs, artists and organizations get soulfully grounded and physically visible.  Site: