Nick Edinger

Presenter, Improv Comedy, Writer, Actor

Presenting –  Creativity in Careers and Building your personal brand and blog.

Nick built his brand on a reputation as a unique thinker and hard worker in every enterprise. He is a published writer and poet as well as an editor and LATTE Alum.

His theater experiece includes:

Roles:  (Don) Leaving Iowa, (Psychiatrist) The Pail, (Lancecroft) The Altercation, (Morris) The Funeral, (Slyvester) Second Helpings of Cyanide, (News Anchor) The Kidnapping, (Older Brother) Chocolate Cake of Breakfast, (Big Friendly Giant) BFG, (Toy Bear) The Missing List, (Mr. Richards) A Real Old English Christmas, (Dad) Wintendo Why, (Dad) The Studio Audience, (Rob the Builder) Blarney, (Prince Harmony) Cybernella, (Count Allamistakeo) Some Words with a Mummy, (Joe) It’s an Okey Dokey Life, (Seymour S Schnitzel) The Valiant Villain, (Alvin) A Buffalo in Sheep’s Clothing, (The Inquisitor) The Spanish Inquisition, (Randi) Snow White and the Seven Stereotypes, (Reverend Beasley) Learning to Breathe, (Job) A Whale of a Tale,  (Mr. Kidswatter) Sideways Stories from Wayside School, (Voldemort) Harry Potter Puppet Pals, (Hamburger) Kerrigan and the Frog.

Director:Bill Cosby’s Noah, The Really New Testament (TA).

PlaywrightScenes from: 100% Chance of Rain, Second Helpings of Cyanide.  

Lighting Crew: West Side Story, Testament Alice and Wonderland, Banua 2009, Banua 2009, Banua 2010, Footloose, Fame, and Love, Death and the Prom and how I Survived High School.