Spoon River Anthology Cast Member Tuition




The Tuition fee to participate in the Spoon River Anthology production is $175.

With over 100 hours of in-person instruction and practice involved in bringing this performance to life, that works out to less than $2/hour.

This fee also includes:

  • a professional quality head shot,
  • a bio in the playbill, and
  • a commemorative T-Shirt

As you can tell, we strive to keep our participation cost as low as possible

To achieve that, we rely cast members’ families to contribute and volunteer to support the program in various ways and times throughout the production:

  • To serve as extra hands during practices, rehearsals, and photo shoots, putting up posters, backstage helpers, and ticket takers.
  • Cast members are responsible for providing their own costumes.  We do have a significant costume closet that students can borrow from with a deposit.
  • All families are expected to sell at least 20 tickets to the production.

Most importantly: We do not want tuition or other costs to be a barrier to entry for any student and Partial and Full Scholarships are available.
If you would like to request a full or partial scholarship, please click here.