Rachel Flesher

Movement Teacher and Choreographer

Presenting: Engaging muscle isometrics to create the illusion of violence. Push and pull in a fight scene. Gearing your fight to elicit comedy, action, or adventure.  Consent on and off the stage. Stage Combat falls, punches, slaps.

Rachel Flesher is a violence, intimacy, and movement teacher and choreographer. She specializes in intimacy design, youth stage combat, tactical training for actors, and purpose driven stage combat classes (anti-bullying, empowerment, safe space, and consent).

She is a Certified Instructor with the Fight Directors Canada and a teacher with Tactics on Set. Rachel has certifications in over 25 weapons systems. Her goal is to create safe spaces for actors to preform brave work.

Call her for all your choreography needs or to set up a private class or workshop! rachel.flesher@me.com or 405-229-4714