Based on the Book by Edgar Lee Masters, A Newly Adapted Stage version by Felicia Pfluger

This once-banned book, brought to the stage, takes place in Illinois in 1915. Ghosts rise from their graves to come alive on stage. The veneer is stripped away from polite society to show the darker side of small-town living as well as the courage and strength of the deceased residents of Oak Hill Cemetery. Freed from the epitaphs on their tombstones, this one evening, they confide their secret truths with us. The honest, kind, hardworking and chaste live in conflict with those who aren’t… The corrupt deviants, the abusers, the unfulfilled…  and those with unrequited dreams and hopes.

Freed from the shackles of life, these restless souls confess their deepest secrets and frustrations, confront their attackers, vent their frustrations, celebrate their joys, and warn the living.

Sound like fun?