So, You Want to be an Actor?

The lure of the stage lights calls to us and draws us! The reaction of a live audience. is incredible. There is nothing like it! So, how do you prepare yourself for the stage? How do you start?

Go in with realistic expectations about the amount of work that stage requires. Of course, everyone wants the prestige and that gorgeous lead, but stage means memorizing not just your role, but the lines and reactions of all our scene partners.

The first year, especially the first show will be an adjustment. In a good acting program, the learning curve is high. You will be learning a whole new language and way of thinking. Just like you would train for a marathon; you must train your body, brain, and attention span to last an entire performance. Always be prepared for each and every performance. So be ready to work and prove yourself. And focus on being kind to yourself. Understand that this is a process. Pace yourself.

If you miss a rehearsal, ensure you are caught up on any stage blocking and notes you missed so YOU are not making the cast wait for you to catch up. Stay humble.

Drink in the teachable moments. Seek out every cast member that has a deeper understanding of acting. Then, listen to the director with any suggestions that are given. “Takes direction well” is one of the best compliments you can receive… and puts you in a great place for future leads. Take notes so you can step in as an understudy.

Have fun with the process. Then, when the curtain opens, the end result is pure magic, for there is truly nothing like putting on a show! And always practice, Progress, not perfection!

Something to Percolate:

Talk to a director. Find out how they mentor and train students that are new. How do they invest in their growth?

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