Plymouth Place Partnership

LATTE Theater is proud to partner with the Plymouth Place retirement community. Plymouth Place houses LATTE’s performances, and some of the residents are even involved in the shows (e.g. War of the Worlds, Crazy Dates).

The experience of working together is beneficial to the teens, who get to work with wise and experienced actors, and for the Plymouth Place Players, who are energized through the enthusiasm of the LATTE teens.

Because Plymouth Place provides LATTE’s stage and invaluable experiences for the LATTE teens, Plymouth Place residents are given free admission into the shows (although donations are always appreciated).

Not from Plymouth Place

To Zach, Kayla, Marshall, Harith, Suha and Jonathan,

I want to thank you for making our performance experience so pleasant. You were helpful and, oh yes, PLEASANT! You were also courteous and respectful; and — you were cooperative and driven!!!

It was absolutely lovely to see you in action.


LATTE Theater student dancing during rehearsal at Plymouth Place
Dance during Rehearsal