LATTE’s 2022 Spring Production – Dancing at Lughnasa
Tickets on sale now!

Brian Friehl’s Tony Award Winning Play
Directed and Produced by Felicia Pfluger

Set in the fictional Irish village of Ballybeg, Ireland, in 1936, Dancing at Lughnasa is a comedrama, told from the perspective of an adult Michael with vibrant flashbacks to the animated life in his aunts’ home when he was seven. The five Mundy sisters, all unmarried, live in a cottage just outside of the small village. 
Listening to their first radio, they transform from proper, Catholic women to wild, dancing, stomping, shrieking banshees in their own kitchen. These five close-knit, fiercely loyal single aunts, band together amidst the challenges of life, and fight through the hardships of changing times. As the summer ends, Brian Friel’s multi-award-winning masterpiece, portrays the strength and bravery of five sisters who dance wildly in a final celebration of their lives, before all changes forever. Winner of the 1992 Tony Award for Best Play

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Dancing at Lughnasa: The full-length play!

FRIDAY, April 29th – SUNDAY, May 1st

Location: Plymouth Place Auditorium
315 S La Grange Rd.
La Grange Park, IL 60526

Tickets go on sale 9:00am, Saturday April 2nd.