LATTE members taking the final bow after The Porch Light production
LATTE members taking the final bow after The Porch Light production


Welcome to LATTE Theater

Welcome to LATTE Theater, the La Grange Area Teen Theater Ensemble, a dynamic theatrical company that has served the area teens 11 – 19 since 2009! 

LATTE Theater develops college to professional level theatricality, collaborative leadership, socio-emotional growth and empowerment, creativity, and critical thinking skills for life. We encourage well rounded, active community participation – all while having a blast making memories.

We are a close-knit troupe that inspires each other to fully realize our potential. The skills follow throughout your life – and the unforgettable memories and laughter will stay with you always…

Teen members learn: directing, assistant directing, stage management, scriptwriting, choreography, set design, prop master, warm-ups, public relations, and advertising. Whatever the opportunity, the focus is on education and empowerment. The Pfluger Empathy Movement Method helps shape strong acting skills and delivers incredible stage productions, all while protecting the teen psyche as they continue to grow and develop on and off the stage.

Also, Midwest Theater Professionals form connections with our teens while teaching in our acting workshops held twice a year for the aspiring actor, writer, and director that focuses on improvisation, stage combat physicality, projection, enunciation, stage chemistry, relationship development and much more.

LATTE Teen theater is a jolt of energy that sends off a myriad of wonderful ripples – in the community, the friendships formed, the skills attained that radiate through the “frothiness” of life! Whether for a college internship, part of the junior or senior teen troupe, or as a mentor – LATTE teaches leadership and stagecraft.

College internships are available for application in the areas of public relations, graphic arts, videography, and project management. 

If your teen is interested, please email us at or call 708-655-0989.

Thanks a LATTE!
Felicia Pfluger
Founder/Producer/Artistic Director

About LATTE Theater

A latte (the drink) is a strong coffee topped with frothed steamed milk.
How apt that our acronym describes the troupe so perfectly! 

LATTE Theater, the La Grange Area Teen Theater Ensemble, boasts a strong team of teens who have frothy fun at every rehearsal and who aim to bring that fun out to the audience at every show.

LATTE Theater is completely invested as a collaborative team.  The process of putting on a show is just that – a process. The teens work hard together, play hard together, and grow together as they reach and attain their goal of performing of semi-professional productions for the community.

Though we are a local theater ensemble, teens travel from Indiana, Wisconsin, and further to take part in the program. Many of our teens graduate on to incredible heights in the arts and otherwise.

Using the Pfluger Movement Method, troupe members with experience within LATTE help guide each other with their strengths through an age-blind focus. We use strong collaborative leadership to help each other grow, and empower each other, on and off the stage!

Collage of LATTE Theater Production Posters
Collage of LATTE Theater Production Posters
Students hugging on stage
Students hugging on stage
  • LATTE is a nonprofit in Illinois
  • LATTE has no religious or political affiliation.
  • First Baptist of La Grange kindly houses LATTE as Artists in Residence

Board of Directors

PresidentFelicia Pfluger
SecretaryNancy Lisowski
TreasurerBarbara Roppo
DirectorRon Keaton
DirectorMichelle Olenjik
DirectorMaria Sarli
DirectorJeffrey Pfluger
DirectorDick Best
DirectorBarb Kalnes

Past College Interns


Graphic Arts/Web Design

Jon Rensberger is studying at Valparaiso University. He is majoring in Digital Media …

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Alyssa Pfluger

Public Relations/Social Media/Troupe Mentor/Workshop Presenter

Alyssa graduated from Valparaiso University’s Christ Honor’s College.

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Arielle Davenport

Graphic Arts/Web Design

Arielle attends DePaul majoring in Computer Science. She plans to earn a Masters in Graphic Design.

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Marie Morganthaler

Videography Intern

Marie is a recent college graduate with a degree in Television Production from Illinois State …

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Nick Edinger

Sound Creation, Workshop Presenter

Nick graduated from University of Iowa. He …

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John Beyer

Public Relations

John graduated from the University of Iowa, where he studied political science ….

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Nicole Gardner

Graphic Design

Nicole is a graphic designer based in Chicago. She believes in design with intent.

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If you are interested in a college internship with LATTE, email us at or see more details about college internships with LATTE.