Audition Roles: The Philadelphia Story

Still casting for:

George Kittridge

A rags to riches story who worships the idea of Tracy. Social climber.
Seth Lord The philandering father and patriarch of the Lord Empire who created the scandal that needed covering up. Goes head to head with Tracy.

Casting complete for:


Socialite, 24 years old. A fierce ice princess with an acerbic wit. Yet, underneath all, a fragile warmth radiating out. She sees the layers in the people but does not suffer fools and arrogance – that is other than her own. She retreats to her picture-perfect persona as a defense mechanism. With her father’s philandering, you understand her trust issues and need to be perfect. (Katherine Hepburn)


The roguish ex-husband and current neighbor of Tracy. Part angel, part devil, and fully the leading man. About 28 years old. Dexter had a drinking problem that exacerbated the marital strife, driving a wedge between him and Tracy. He is still protective of the family, and you get the feeling he is trying to redeem himself under all the currents and sparks of the show.(Carey Grant).

Dinah & DeAnna

The mischievous younger, almost tweanage sisters of Tracy Lord. They are double the fun and double the trouble. They love Dexter and desperately wish to end the engagement of Tracy and George Kettridge. Innocent. The comic relief. Not bad, but drawn that way.


Loving mother. Young at heart, 47, and quick of wit. The warm sunshine others come to bathe in… aside from when she has to think on the extramarital affair of her husband, Seth Lord. She is torn whether or not to reunite. 


A tough yet honest magazine reporter. Morally pragmatic and judgmental about what is wrong with the upper class, yet still finds himself becoming smitten with Tracy. Liz, his sassy photographer & partner with benefits is put to the test. At 30, snarky & charming.(Jimmy Stewart)

Liz Embry

A wise photographer that has held a long-time flame for Mike, the writer. Her common sense and genuine realness offset Mike’s blustery times.

Ms. Sidney Kidd

This cagey publisher & blackmailer. Devil wears Prada style.


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