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Set in the fictional Irish village of Ballybeg, Ireland, in 1936, Dancing at Lughnasa is a comedrama, told from the perspective of an adult Michael with vibrant flashbacks to the animated life in his aunts’ home when he was seven. The five Mundy sisters, all unmarried, live in a cottage just outside of the small village. 
Listening to their first radio, they transform from proper, Catholic women to wild, dancing, stomping, shrieking banshees in their own kitchen. These five close-knit, fiercely loyal single aunts, band together amidst the challenges of life, and fight through the hardships of changing times. As the summer ends, Brian Friel’s multi-award-winning masterpiece, portrays the strength and bravery of five sisters who dance wildly in a final celebration of their lives, before all changes forever. Winner of the 1992 Tony Award for Best Play.


  • Michael – the narrator of this memory play in his later years who is also a very animated 7 year old.
  • Kate – The eldest, is a schoolteacher who supports all with the only reliable income of the five. Proper and loving, feels the burden of all that might come. Dotes on Michael. Yearns to laugh more. Sees the future.
  • Agnes – Knits gloves and help keep homestead. Wild and loving. Protective of Rose.
  • Rose – Rose is mildly autistic, strong willed, and loves to dance. She helps knit. Has a crush on a married villager. 
  • Maggie – Devoted homemaker and helps with the garden as well. Butts heads with and baits young Michael often. 
  • Christina – Michael’s mother and homemaker. Not the most maternal, but loving and kind. 
  • Jack – A Catholic priest and missionary, newly returned from a Ugandan leper colony after 25 years. While healing from malaria, he is reacclimating to Ireland. Yet he now has a deep respect for pagan traditions and beliefs, much to Kate’s distaste… and the chagrin of the village. 
  • Gerry – Welsh. Michael’s father is a charismatic yet unreliable charmer. Pops in and out of his son’s life, keeping Michael and Christina off balance as to whether he will ever settle down with them. Has a secret life. Does a little relaxed singing and dancing.

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