Program Auditions Happening Now!

LATTE is for Teens 13 – 19.

Program Auditions for LATTE are laid back as we truly are interested in the potential within each student, not perfection. It is an informal chat with the student, artistic director, and the parent if they wish to be present.

(In certain cases, tweens may be able to apply. Any program participant must be be able to actively “stay in character”, assist back stage, and support their castmates for the duration of a 2 hour full stage performance by the time we get to curtain).

No stage experience is required, for we look for teen candidates that are motivated, interested in developing and honing acting skills, working with their scene partners on stage, being part of show preparation using collaborative leadership, having fun, and creating exceptional plays for our audiences. The program is intensive, but fun and encourages a healthy life balance.

  • Our program audition is a two-way dialog where we get to see how: You want to grow and develop as an actress or actor.
  • Understand what talents you are interested in exploring and developing on stage.
  • Learn about you and what additional gifts you are drawn to, for example, writing, directing, improv, dance, stand up, stage management, or song.
  • See how you are a team player and someone willing to live The Actors Code (PUT HOTLINK HERE)
  • This is an relaxed, informal chat. We may read a small scene together. You can bring a monologue is you wish.
  • Can you submit a monologue? You can email an audition monologue, writing samples, etc. if you wish, but these are not necessary to

Simply, Apply
Text or Call (708) 655-0989 if you have specific questions.

What it’s like being a LATTE Member…