Ellie Babka

Producer, Riverside Township Radio Player

Presenting: Radio Plays

As producer, director, script writer, actress for the Riverside Township Radio Players, Ellie is passionate about the Golden Age of Radio (1930’s – 1950’s).  She loves Jack Benny, Suspense, the Shadow, Fibber McGee and Molly and was a devoted listener of Chuck Schaden’s “Those Were the Days” radio program.

Sound effects are mostly re-created just as they were for the original plays – footsteps, door closings, fire (crackling cellophane) and theme music taped from live orchestras that often were part of programs.The Riverside Township and presents a live monthly program at the Township Auditorium to a live “studio” audience, free of charge. The shows are also televised for Local Cable Network 6 as well as streamed on the internet under www.riversideradio.net.