Hello, Little Women Cast!

I am so excited that we are going to be meeting in person, soon! And, there are guest star opportunities for you as the March Sisters, al fresca, at the La Grange Historical Society, the La Grange Farmers Market, and area libraries! So we need to get started on costumes early!

Outdoor performances require costumes that can be washed often, not shrink, and still make you feel dazzling and comfortable. We have a potential Etsy shop that makes skirts to fit YOU! This store would be perfect! 😊 Soooo, I need you to email, call or text me your sizes ASAP. A note about sizes. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. You are all growing. So, BE KIND to yourself. Ask a family member to help you with your measurements. It makes it easier.

Measurements Part 1:

  • Shirt size (Examples. Size 8 – 16)
  • Pant size (Examples. Size 8 – 16)

Measurements Part 2:

  • Height
  • Bust (inches)
  • Waist (inches)
  • Hips (inches)
  • Hollow to floor (inches)

Measurement Part 3:

  • The size of the petticoats will affect the length of fabric needed for the skirt. These skirts cinch, like the ones at the lyric opera uses.
  • Standard Length is 40 inches, typical lengths go from 32-44 inches.

Please use this form to send me your measurements asap.