Based on the Book by Edgar Lee Masters, A Newly Adapted Stage version by Felicia Pfluger

Ghosts rise from their graves to come alive on stage. Freed from the shackles of life,, this one evening, these restless souls confide and confess their deepest secrets, unrequited dreams,and warn the living

In 1915, just three hours away from us, in Lewistown, Illinois… the “American Shakespeare”,  Edward Lee Masters, decided to write an expose on the darker side of small-town Americana. The seismic shock spanned nearly a century, in Spoon River Anthology. 

This haunting collection of monologues once banned and now celebrated, still ripples across time. Each character is tied to a real-life person that once walked this earth. At present, forty of these “real characters”  have been mapped to tombstones in the cemetery on “The Hill”.

In writing this stage adaptation, I took time to “get to know” the 212 “residents” of “Spoon River”, the intertwining stories of , and happiness and grief…. And… in the afterlife… on stage before you.  For each character has raw emotion with real strengths and weaknesses. In what you are about to see, the LATTE teens rose to the challenge to bring these 100 complex characters from the ether to life. And to bravely learn their stories…

I tried to give each of these Souls a “voice”… and closure that they may never have received while breathing. Examining the past can shine a glimmer of a spotlight on the present… and theater allows us introspection into our own strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and potential pitfalls, from the safety of a darkened auditorium.

And, once again, I am amazed by the growth, integrity, and strength of these exceptional teens who dream, live, and breathe theater and have LATTE running through their veins… Who support each other protectively, and truly do their best to do what I always preach: “Be their best selves”. So, get ready for a spooky glimpse into the past in Illinois. We have had fun creating Spoon River for you.  Enjoy the magic!    

  ~ Felicia Pfluger

Audience Feedback

The show left me with goosebumps, made all the more powerful and intense that these were based on real, life people in Illinois 100 years ago. Well Done!

Ghost stories around a campfire have competition, now! Taking on a project of this magnitude was very ambitious.  

100 ghost stories. It’s not easy material to mount, no through-line action, many non-reappearing characters in brief vignettes, but the writing is strong and wow! It more than pulled off the sentiment! And there was so much joy in performance. Like all LATTE shows, this is why I keep coming back!

Intense and impressive. I forgot I was watching kids within the first few minutes. Great Costumes and Effects. Especially loved the actor Michael. Crafted great individual characters. 

Superbly acted. Worth the 3 hour drive.

Talking about spilling the gossip. I was expecting this, but not feeling empathy for the ghosts. There was realness there.

Great graveyard set. Spooky. Loved the violinists. Definitely looking forward to seeing all in a future show. I’m hooked.

I was not counting on laughing and crying this show. But it spoke to me. Well done.

Felicia Pfluger takes on hard show adaptations and makes them look easy. Well acted by the cast as well.