LATTE serves the Greater Chicago Area in developing phenomenal theater and socio-emotional growth, utilizing the hybrid approach developed by Felicia Pfluger that pairs Socratic Method and the Stanislavsky technique to help:
~ Develop phenomenal stagecraft, acting and directing through our full length plays and preparation.
~ Strengthen collaborative leadership skills.
~ Develop emotional resiliency and self comfort.
~ Decrease emotional frustration and anxiety by succeeding on stage and off.
~ Increase authentic self confidence and awareness.
~ Partner in the collaborative leadership of a team.
~ Form deeper connections with friends and family through emotional availability and empathy.
~ Channel and internalize wiser problem solving.
~ Increase personal perception-filter awareness through character motivations.
~ Emotional awareness through character analysis and introspection.
~ Manage emotions successfully through the stage show preparation process.
~ Strengthen connections with friends and family.
~ Creative problem solving and extrapolation.
~ Build empathy as teens internalize social awareness of perceptions, filters, and motivations through script analysis and interpretation.
~ Utilize different art mediums to analyze and facilitate emotional understanding and healing