Alyssa Pfluger

Presenter, Director, Play-Wright, Actress

Presenting:  Creating Characters with Depth and Motivation, Theater Acting Games, Enunciation, and Projection Exercises

Alyssa has a love of theater and teaching knows no bounds.  A playwright whose plays chosen for production and encore performances, she has also directed over 20 shows, lead acted in countless more.

She is.a double major in Honors Humanities/Communications with a Public Relations concentration, as well as a double minor in Business Administration and Environmental Science at Christ Honor’s College/Valparaiso University.

Alyssa was a college intern for  LATTE in the roles of Senior Mentor, as well as Public Relations and Web Design/Content. Alyssa was the president of the teen board from 2008 – 2012, and the VP from 206 – 2007.

Her acting resume includes:

Roles: (Agnes) The Fourposter, (Cecily) The Importance of Being Earnest, (Emaline)The Beverly Hillbillies, (Sis) Leaving Iowa, (Mrs. Kemply) The Pail, (The Pie) All Your Pie, (Narrator) Kerrigan and the Frog, (Mrs. Fergeson) The Kidnapping, (Mom) Chocolate Cake for Breakfast, (Susan) The Funeral, (Evelyn) The Altercation, (Gentle Meg) Little Women, (Kate) Rowdy Kate, (Cybernella) Cybernella, 

(Febronia) The Valiant Villain, (Barbara) Genus de Milo, (Lady Bop) Blarney, (Elizabeth Bennet) Between the Covers, (Mary Lou) It’s an Okey Dokey Life, (Shelby) Heart of a Stranger,  (Witch Hazel) Beswitched, (Anita Break) Remote Control, (Sandy) The Studio Audience, (Lona Lang) Smallerville,  (Bard Keeper) Fastest Thimble in the West, 

(Genghis Khan Schmidt) Seussical the Musical, (Proteus) Two Gentleman of Verona, (Marc Anthony) Julius Caesar, (Mrs. Cronos) Second Helpings of Cyanide, (Mrs. Ethel Noah) 100% chance of Rain, (Tess the Stewardess) Jonah, a Whale of a Tale, (Mom) The Really New Testament, (Kelly) Learning to Breathe, (Trish) The Sleepover, (Dancer 3 and choreography) Banana Phone, (Snape) Harry Potter Puppet Pals, (Duchess) No Body to Murder, (Jasmina) Buffalo in Sheep’s Clothing, (Greta, Wendy) Snowy White and the Seven Stereotypes,  (Caretaker) The Red Door, (Katherine the Opera Singer) The Metra Skit, (Myrna) We’ve got the Beat.

Director: The BFG, Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate, The Spanish Inquisition, The Christmas Coat, Some Words with a Mummy, SUPERDEX, Elite School of Far Superiority.

Assistant Director: Importance of Being Earnest, The Beverly Hillbillies, Leaving Iowa, Hooked on the Classics,  Smallerville, The Studio Audience (AD), The Guides House Spamalot, 100% Chance of Rain (TA) .

PlaywrightSUPERDEX, Smallerville, 100% Chance of Rain (scenes), The Metra Skit.

Assistant Choreographer: The Beverly Hillbillies.

Other: Prop creation for Ouroboros Chicago Theater’s Reduced Shakespeare Production.