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Week One Homework: Pass the Punch Challenge

  • From Me to Everyone: (11:14 AM)
Tuesday – Hats (something with a brim (sturdy) / not a touk), scarf, zip up hoodie or jacket if you have one.
practice punching song – eye of the tiger.

  • From Me to Everyone: (11:19 AM)
- you can do any pattern you want But our class pattern – 1. jab. 2. jab cross hook, jab cross hook, jab cross uppercut. SWITCH FEET. (start with leading foot and hand) SAME PATTERN on opposite side

  • From Me to Everyone: (11:22 AM)
FOCUS ON – Resistance in your muscles, use your feet and grounding, use your hips, finish your moves standing tall and looking like a comic book or super hero poster