Students participating in Fall 2018 workshop

Upcoming Workshops

Winter Acting Training Workshop

January 4, 2020 9:30 – 5:30


Registration/Parent Meeting/Improv Exercises and Games


Becoming the Well-Rounded Actor/Actress – Philip Earl Johnson

Creating your character’s story: verbally, emotionally, physically, balancing being authentic and present in your own performance while being part of the “bigger picture” of the production, yet being aware of how it is landing on the audience.  Very interactive.


Vocal Control on Stage – Jenny Randag

How do you use your voice to portray the type of character you are crafting?  How do you overcome stage jitters and use them to heighten your performance? Explore answers to these questions and more.


Sack Lunch (no hard-boiled eggs, please – allergy) Jenny Randag


Stage Combat Choreography  – Tristan Hall and Emil Sueck

Demystify stage fight scenes with various healthy, safe stage combat techniques as you learn how to create choreography that dazzles the audience while you protect yourself and your fight partner.


Writing and Becoming your Masterpiece on Stage – Ron Keaton

How do you create a coherent storyline arc when you as you write or develop a character? Own the process so that you can succeed and grow as a writer and on stage.


Directing and Highlighting your Cast –  Christine Gatto Heckman

How do you create the maximum audience impact?  What tools and techniques can you use to strengthen the shows you direct? How do you highlight characters and build a scene?