Steel Magnolias

Teens age 11-19 Welcome No Experience Necessary


Ouiser Bourdeaux
Ousier is an older woman in her late fifties to early sixties. She is seen as bitter and annoyed most of the time. She has a dislike towards Drum Eatenton. In her life, the things she values the most are her dog Rhett and her property. She is constantly arguing with M’Lynn’s husband Drum over property but does have a deep concern with Shelby like all other characters. Even though she speaks poorly to the other women sometimes, she still considers them as her closest companion. She has been married twice and has children.

Annelle Dupuy-Desoto
Annelle is thought to be eighteen to twenty five. She is new in town and began to work for Truvy because of her need for money. Annelle is a shy and creative individual. She refrains from discussing her life. She does not have a lot of money so she lives in a Ruth Robeline’s boarding house and works as a beautician at Truvy’s salon because she went to a trade school for cosmetology. She is kind and gracious towards the woman she meets in the beauty salon.

Production Information:


Practices are January – May, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 6pm-9pm and Saturdays 12 -3pm
Performance Dates: April 28th-30th, 2023
Mandatory Heck Week: Friday, April 21st – Thursday April 27th. Every day for the week leading up to the Performance Dates

You must be available for every practice during Heck Week and all day on all Show Dates.

How do I audition?

  1. Register for an audition to join the program by filling out this form.
    You’re also welcome to contact Mrs. Pfluger directly to chat beforehand: 708-655-0989.
  2. Mrs. Pfluger will then get in touch and set up a time for an audition.
    • No experience is necessary! Truly!
    • These are low-stress auditions where we learn about you and you can learn about the program.
  3. If accepted, the tuition is $175.
    • LATTE does everything it can to keep tuition as low as possible to make sure cost is not a barrier to participation. LATTE has a scholarship fund to help families in need cover their tuition cost and requests are held in confidence. If cost is prohibiting your student’s participation, please use this form to request a scholarship: Scholarship Request Form.